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radyo:// protocol usage

radyo:// protocol usage

Base url



  • url: Direct stream or playlist address
  • title: The custom name of the station
  • guid: This is an optional parameter. When supplied, listeners (users) will be able to update the station address when it’s changed. Guid means, Globally unique identifier. When supplying this information, be sure to write a unique identifier that you think nobody will normally use it. This can be a reverse domain string.


  • radyo://play?url=http://mysuperstation.com:8100&title=My Station&guid=com.mysuperstation.station1
  • radyo://play?url=http://mysuperstation.com:8200

These urls can be used on web pages with <a href> tags without any problem. ( <a href=”radyo://play?url=http://mysuperstation.com:8100&title=My Station&guid=com.mysuperstation.station1″>Listen Station 1 with RADYO</a>)


Automatic url generation

You can easily generate this url inside RADYO. To do this, start listening to the station you want to get radyo:// address of. Then, put your mouse over the “now playing info” screen at the top right. You’ll see share buttons + favorite button + green button. This green button is the url generation button, click it to get the radyo:// url of the station generated automatically for you!


What happens when users follows one of radyo:// urls

RADYO has to be installed and ran at least 1 time on the user’s computer. This protocol also applies to the iOS versions of RADYO. When user follows this url, RADYO will start automatically and connect to the station immediately. If the station does not exist on the user’s computer, it’ll be added to the user’s custom station list. If you have used guid and the station address is not the same address with the station in the user’s list, user will be asked wheter they want to update the address.


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