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FAQ: http://ipadradyo.com/faq

Discover live radio stations and popular songs like never before. Which song of which artist is playing on which station around you and how popular is it around you? Record it and play it in RADYO whenever you want. If you love it, listen it everywhere by easily buying it through RADYO.

Big data meets Music! Find your favorite song with the help of other people around you!

Not only stations are waiting to be discovered but many features of the application too: RADYO has many cool features including “Basic Mode” for car/bike/running conditions. (Yes, RADYO automatically changes it’s colors according to sun rise and sun set)

The application is highly customizable including colors! Just triple-tap to anywhere to cycle through colors. Unlimited colors will be available in the next versions; users will be able to create their own themes and share them with others!

*RADYO for iPad is an extended and next generation version of RADYO which was one of the first radio entertainment applications released on App Store. Regular version of RADYO is still available as a separate iPhone application on App Store.

*The new RADYO is also available for iPhone. (RADYO for iOS)


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